The word ‘home’ can mean many things, it can be a comforting place of solace or a recollection of pain tinged memories; it can form a person, aid their path in life, or deter them from their desired fate. For Austin ‘ABFIFI’ Brannon the only place he’s ever know is East Oakland, CA and whether the streets he grew up on have abetted or deterred, one thing is resoundingly certain… damn this dude can rap.
Ask him his style and he identifies not with another hip hop artist but the world renowned painter, Picasso, “I’m looking at the world in a different way like those paintings, I want people to see what I see through my eyes.” A.B.’s self evolved style of vulnerable bravado paired with a sure-fire silver tongued staccato paints a very clear picture, one that positions this talented artist among the elite's best and brightest...
New Oakland

New Oakland

The Addiction 2

Doin’ Me

Jam (Just Another Mixtape) Sessions Vol. 1

ABFIFI f/ Beeda Weeda and Kingpin “The Town”

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